Monthly Archives: June 2015

Fresh Starts and New Beginnings

It has been some time since my last post…

The fact of the matter is that 2015 has indeed turned out to be a year of adventure.

I wanted to take a moment to touch base.  My personal accountability to this project of mine.   I’ve not, for a moment, lost sight of LabHandler.  Everyday, I’m filing away ideas for topics that I’d like to explore through this medium.

Of course, with side projects, they sometimes fall down on the list of priorities.

I’ve found this to be particularly true in the midst of the major life change that encompasses a relocation and a shift in industries.

It’s overwhelming to say the least, but exciting none the less. I am in the home stretch of the transition, and spending most of the energy acquainting myself with my new lab.  But rest assured, I still have great plans for this project!  It has not been abandoned!