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The Ideal QA Manager… Is Predictable

It is a well known fact that consistency is valuable.

For a QA Manager, consistency is imperative.   It is hard to imagine a QA Manager that is effective and inconsistent.

I have to believe that this opinion, which has been expressed on numerous occasions, is the result of a QA Manager whose approach (real or perceived) is misaligned with the needs (or wants) of those in Operations.

Let’s face it, QA Managers are in a precarious position.  They are the overseers, the enforcers.  The have hard lines to tow.  They are ultimately responsible for the accountability in the entire facility.  It’s a heavy burden…  A thankless burden, as I’ve mentioned before .

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Dusting off my boots

There are times in life when you have to take time to equilibrate.  The last year has certainly been one of those times for LabHandler.

The amount of change that our family has been through has been astronomical, and those transitions have taken much of my energy.  Jobs change, cities change, schools change, routines change…  to keep on top of it all, something inevitably move to the back burner.

Fear not!  LabHandler may have been dormant, but it is not dead.

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