About LabHandler

The role of Quality in the laboratory is a unique beast.

LabHandler.com is my attempt at sharing a few bits of knowledge, tricks of the trade, and other gems that I’ve developed over the years.  Perhaps, this might be a springboard for conversations within the laboratory industry to bring about a convergence of day to day laboratory activities and the regulations that drive what we do.

At a minimum this site serves as a repository of my own philosophies on quality and ethics in the laboratory.

About the Author:

Rebecca is an ASQ Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence (ASQ CQM/OE) and currently serves as Quality Manager for a Profilemajor independent life sciences laboratory located in New Orleans, LA USA.  She has served in a similar capacity for over 10 years at various full service and specialty laboratories in the life science testing community, managing laboratory quality systems that met both the requirements of The NELAC Institute and ISO 17025.

During her years of service, Rebecca has been an outspoken proponent of standards for quality and improvement within the industry, working with government officials and private stakeholders to advance the shared objectives of the industry.

On the home front, she is a champion for change, ethics, and compliance, advocating for system designs with integrated compliance rather than systems designed for compliance.

I welcome your thoughts, ideas, and bits of knowledge as I develop this sight.  Fill out the contact form below!


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