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The Ideal QA Manager… Is Predictable

It is a well known fact that consistency is valuable.

For a QA Manager, consistency is imperative.   It is hard to imagine a QA Manager that is effective and inconsistent.

I have to believe that this opinion, which has been expressed on numerous occasions, is the result of a QA Manager whose approach (real or perceived) is misaligned with the needs (or wants) of those in Operations.

Let’s face it, QA Managers are in a precarious position.  They are the overseers, the enforcers.  The have hard lines to tow.  They are ultimately responsible for the accountability in the entire facility.  It’s a heavy burden…  A thankless burden, as I’ve mentioned before .

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The Ideal QA Manager… Has Something to Prove

Welcome to 2015

In the recent months, I haven’t had a lot of opportunity to work on this little side project of mine. With the holidays, and a crazy… insane… workload at the Lab, I’ve been a bit distracted. With the New Year, however, comes a refocus on one of the main focuses of the last 10 years of my career.

I would be remiss if I didn’t start this post pointing out the fact that we in the business of ensuring the quality of laboratory data have a fairly thankless job. Effectiveness in our positions means that there is little recognition. Our diligent work behind the scenes ensures that everything runs smoothly, efficiently, and generally without blemish.

When things go south, the first question always seems to be, where was QA when this thing or that was snowballing into a really bad thing?

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How to move a Lab and not go CRAZY!

the getaway2014 has been an interesting year in the life of this QA Manager. This time last year, we were in a full court pressto prepare the lab to move into our new facility. As we ushered in the year, the facial twitch caused by transferring equipment, personnel, and systems was deeply present. Of course, moving a lab is not a new concept. It was, in no small scale, a big deal for our team.

I was reminded of that this week while searching for an email that I sent at the beginning of the year. Plenty of labs have relocated, mostly successfully.   But that doesn’t negate the fact that the project was extremely challenging. Specifically, the instrumentation that we employ could not simply be loaded onto the back of a pick-up truck. It took no less than a full day to prepare each instrument to move, another day to crate, forklift, and haul each instrument to the new lab, followed by two days of installation. The coordination involved in moving all four of our instruments could be a full discussion of choreography and agility. 

As I scrolled through my email traffic early 2014, one thing was apparent. As a team, we were on fire.

When we entered into the project, we had a strategy.   We had a schedule. We had a punch list. Most importantly, we made a commitment to stay agile. We new from the start that through all of the planning, the schedules, the punch lists, there would be surprises. There would be crises. How we reacted would be the key to our success or failure.

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