Dusting off my boots

There are times in life when you have to take time to equilibrate.  The last year has certainly been one of those times for LabHandler.

The amount of change that our family has been through has been astronomical, and those transitions have taken much of my energy.  Jobs change, cities change, schools change, routines change…  to keep on top of it all, something inevitably move to the back burner.

Fear not!  LabHandler may have been dormant, but it is not dead.

Getting Settled

Looking back, it is safe to say that my world was turned upside down this time last year.  Within a matter of weeks, my family and I faced the reality of new opportunities in a new city.  I personally saw that my cheese had moved, and that change was on the horizon.

It was bitter sweet, but when home is no longer home, its best to move on.

When the dust settled, I found myself in a new setting, acquainting myself with a new Lab.  The change in scenery was refreshing, and ever so exciting…  And then it was overwhelming.

It’s not that I had never been the new QA Manager on the block, but the management system implementation was quite different than what I was used to.  Slightly different interpretations of the Standard, and very different executions, made for a significant learning curve.  The challenges were far from unsurmountable, but it took time, and energy, to wrap my brain around my new surroundings, and begin to think long term about the vision that I have for the Lab.

Catching My Breath

Having settled in to the new reality,  I finally have the energy to reflect on the foundations that LabHandler was forged on.  I’ve got some new perspectives, but my core belief that our main function is to prepare the Lab for the “big show” has not changed.


One thought on “Dusting off my boots

  1. i’m glad you have energy left over to pick this blog up again, Rebecca!
    I miss you working with you but am glad we’re able to stay in contact thru FB, at least!

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