The Ideal QA Manager

photo credit: thekellyscope via photopin cc
photo credit: thekellyscope via photopin cc

Quality Assurance.  It’s not exactly an exciting topic to the world at large.  The concepts are soft.  They are, for the most part, intuitive.  Everyone knows quality when they see it.  That gut reaction when your latte isn’t quite right.  Or that app update that suddenly causes your cell battery to drain.

Quality Assurance is Everywhere, and in nearly every process, there is a man (or woman) behind the curtain who is responsible for managing the systems that ensure that quality is maintained.

I happen to be lucky enough to be one of those magical people.

It should be no surprise then, that I am constantly looking for ways to do what I do better. The series that I affectionately call The Ideal QA Manager highlights habits and hacks that I’ve learned along the way, or that I strive for currently.

This is not to say that I fit the mold, but these are qualities that I strive for.  Some times I’m successful.  More often than not, I could do better.

The Ideal QA Manager:

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