The Ideal QA Manager… Is Predictable

It is a well known fact that consistency is valuable.

For a QA Manager, consistency is imperative.   It is hard to imagine a QA Manager that is effective and inconsistent.

I have to believe that this opinion, which has been expressed on numerous occasions, is the result of a QA Manager whose approach (real or perceived) is misaligned with the needs (or wants) of those in Operations.

Let’s face it, QA Managers are in a precarious position.  They are the overseers, the enforcers.  The have hard lines to tow.  They are ultimately responsible for the accountability in the entire facility.  It’s a heavy burden…  A thankless burden, as I’ve mentioned before .

But the approach is as important as the execution.  The most intricate quality system will be ineffective if the approach is not consistent.

Now, this requires one to be self-aware… not easy. Not comfortable. Completely worth it.

Have you ever fallen victim to inconsistencies in your quality execution?

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