Prepare yourselves for 2015 – New Employee Training

It’s all over Linked In. The President mentioned it in the State of the Union Address this week….

Apparently 2015 is the year to make a career move. These are highly optimistic times… Exciting times. Its good that the Country can begin to breathe again at work.

These forecasts indicate to me, that there is likely going to be a lot of movement in and out of our labs, as people explore career opportunities that are abounding.

For a QA Manager, a flux of employees is absolutely unnerving, with hurried transitions, and a steep learning curve for the new guys. While it isn’t obvious, we can play a crucial roll in the on-boarding and subsequent training to help smooth the transitions.

My plan?

  • Communicate with managers to establish clear goals for new employee training and IDOCs, before the training begins.
  • Update my New Employee QA and Ethics Training material for improved engagement.
  • Clear my desk as often as possible so that I’m approachable to the new guy.
  • Keep an open mind to opportunities to make things easier for the lab.

How are you preparing for the flux?

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